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Dr. Jason Toth, MD, MS

Age Management Medicine Specialist

Dr. Jason Toth is residency trained and board certified in emergency medicine since 1991. In addition to practicing as an emergency medicine physician for more than twenty years, Dr. Toth has served as medical director of the Burbank Occupational and Urgent Care Center since 1995. He has held similar positions as medical director of various hospital affiliated urgent care clinics in Beverly Hills and the South Bay. Dr. Toth attended Revelle College at the University of California, San Diego for his undergraduate education and he completed both his graduate training in public health and medical school at George Washington University in Washington DC. He completed his emergency medicine residency at Los Angeles County Martin Luther King Medical Center. Doctor Toth has served as medical consultant to many popular reality TV shows including Fear Factor, Wipe Out, and Dog Eat Dog as well as personally appearing as an emergency medicine specialist on several recent episodes of Manswers. As an emergency medicine physician Dr. Toth has treated hundreds of critically ill patients with heart attacks, strokes and other preventable diseases that have progressed to their inevitable non-reversible end stage. As a result of these depressing first hand life and death experiences Dr. Toth has shifted his career emphasis to proactive preventative medicine and wellness. He now divides his clinical practice between age management medicine, entertainment medicine consulting and urgent care.

Dr. Toth received his initial training and certification in age management medicine with the nationally renowned Cenegenics Education and Research Foundation (CERF) in Las Vegas, Nevada. CERF is affiliated with the University of Nevada School of Medicine. Dr. Toth received his initial introduction to age management medicine, as both a patient and a physician in training, at the Cenegenics Medical Institute made famous in television commercials by one of its principal founders, Dr. Jeffrey Life. Dr. Toth is currently pursuing additional certification with The Age Management Medicine Medical Group (AMMG). Dr. Toth attributes much of his passionate interest in wellness and preventative medicine to the premature death of his father from a heart attack at the age of 47 leaving his mother to raise six children on her own. “This experience left an indelible impression on my subconscious mind and unfortunately I didn’t fully embrace the commitment to a more athletic lifestyle and clean, organic eating until I was in my fifties and newly married to a young and active woman.”

Dr, Toth is an avid recreational and cross training enthusiast and he personally enjoys participating in most outdoor physical activities. He works closely with a team of sports medicine physical therapists, orthopedic specialists and alternative medicine practitioners. In his free time, Dr. Toth enjoys eco travel to third world wildlife and adventure destinations and he is knowledgeable about the various risks and preventive health measures necessary to safely participate in mountain climbing, diving, trekking and cruise sailing. Dr. Toth has been providing pre and post travel medicine consultations to globe trotters and eco travelers for more than ten years and he has participated in tropical medicine and alternative botanical medicine experiences in the Amazon and East Africa. He has served as ships physician on nature and photography expeditions to Antarctica, Svalbard archipelago in the Arctic Ocean and the Sea of Cortez.


About the Practice

Conventional medicine has always held the belief that aging is inevitable and that the progressive deterioration that occurs in our adult years cannot be altered. This is simply not true. We have also been lead to believe that the diseases of aging, such as heart disease, stroke, cancer and senility, are all part of the normal aging process. Stay Fit Forever Age Management Medicine is an exciting new medical practice that identifies bio identical hormone optimization as preventive medicine. The amazing health protective benefits of bio identical hormones are growing in understanding, acceptance and application. Research has shown that maintaining our hormone levels in a youthful state can prevent the debility and illness that accompany the aging process. Obviously this will lead to increased longevity by preventing the illnesses that usually lead to our demise. However, most importantly is the fact that our quality of life in our later years will be significantly enhanced.

Hormones decline in all people as they age. Many physicians assume this is the natural way it should be. If a younger person were to be diagnosed as having a hormonal deficiency, it would quickly be corrected. However, the same low level in an older individual is considered normal for their age and not something we treat. Normal is a relative term. No one wants the hormone levels of an 80-year old, but labs report this low level as “normal” even though it might be only 20% of the level of a 30 year old. Researchers from around the world have now shown that the hormonal deficiency associated with age should be corrected to that of a younger person. When patients see and feel the improvement, they embrace it wholeheartedly. It is not until one tries this new therapy and experiences the tremendous increased vigor that one realizes the harm that is being caused to the body by the lack of these hormones. The added benefit is that it is healthy too.

Baby boomers are scrambling to hold onto health and youthful vitality, turning their attention to BIO IDENTICAL HORMONE OPTIMIZATION. We’re not just talking about macho appearances — the focus is having a longer health span for a higher quality of life. Baby boomers are actively seeking to maintain health and functionality as long as possible, not willing to give up activities they currently enjoy – sports, travel, career, sex.

Stay Fit Forever Age Management Medicine will help you feel and look younger, and dramatically improve your

  • Energy and physical appearance
  • Body composition and strength
  • Sexual vitality
  • Mental sharpness and immune function
  • Blood pressure and cholesterol

The best time to take advantage of our services are between the ages of 40 and 75. The earlier the better. While you cannot go back and make a new start, you can start today and make a new ending. If you aspire to live younger, to fully restore your potential health, and to experience an abundance of vitality, a visit to Stay Fit Forever Age Management Medicine is just what the doctor ordered. When you’re ready to optimize your health, call for a no – obligation, a confidential consultation with Dr. Jason Toth.