Stay Fit Forever Nutrition Program

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  • What is the Number One Cause of Obesity?
  • What is a Low Glycemic Diet?
  • What is the new food pyramid?
  • Why do we need Nutraceutical Supplements?
  • Top Ten Diet Tips!
  • Foods to Always Avoid!
  • What are the best Alternative Sweeteners?


“The most important meal of the day.  Studies have
Shown that skipping breakfast is associated with increased prevalence of obesity.  Try to consume 25 to 30 grams of protein at breakfast.”  See the favorite recipe sections for easy to make wholesome low glycemic granola and nut butter.”


“Try to eat real food, such as fruits and vegetables and try not to rely on processed protein bars and synthetic food after supplements. Check out some of Malissa’s favorite recipes and shopping list suggestions.


“Keep it lean and clean. Lunch time is not the time to consume high glycemic carbohydrates.  Try to consume more salads, smoothies and raw vegetable juices.”


Last chance to eat your daily quota of vegetables and lean protein.  Follow Malissa’s nutrition blog for ideas on low glycemic and high protein dinner recipes.