Our Age Management Program

What is Age Management Medicine? Age Management Medicine is often referred to as the science of living younger, better and longer. “Stay Fit Forever” is both my daily mantra and personal version of the scientifically valid nutrition, fitness and hormone optimization strategies of the leading scientists of Age Management Medicine. The primary objective of the Stay Fit Forever program is to target all preventable personal health risk factors, stave off age related diseases and optimize your body composition for a healthier more robust sense of well-being. All four components of the Stay Fit Forever program are vital to successfully reaching your wellness objectives: low glycemic nutrition, daily exercise, pharmaceutical grade nutraceutical supplementation and hormone optimization.

What will it do for me? I received my initial medical treatment and training with the nationally acclaimed Cenegenics program. After just 6 months on my program I experienced significant improvements in my personal fitness program, gained ten pounds of lean muscle mass, and improved my cardiovascular biomarkers. I enjoyed more energy, vitality and noticed a significant change in my libido. My workouts became more intense and efficient and my recovery time shorter. I have many patients that have experienced the same benefits in sometimes much shorter periods of time. More importantly, I now have a much more aggressive attitude and awareness of my personal health and I feel much more confident about managing my personal disease risk factors. Check out the testimonial section and read what my clients are saying about the Stay Fit Forever program.

What is included in my Executive Health Evaluation? Your initial Executive Health & Nutrition Evaluation will consist of a comprehensive male master hormone laboratory panel, extensive history and physical examination, limited fitness and body composition testing, as well as a complete eye exam and lung function testing. In addition, I have recently added online computer baseline and annual neurocognitive testing assessment with CNS VS to identify any subtle development of early mild cognitive impairment as we age. My initial consultation typically takes about 2 and half hours and gives us plenty of time to drill down on the reasons for your success or failure in meeting all of your personal wellness goals. I guarantee you we will thoroughly discuss the significance of all of your laboratory and physical examination results. Following your consultation I will provide you with a comprehensive written summary, copies of all of your diagnostic testing as well as a copy of the Living Younger resource manual. If indicated, we can begin treatment on your initial visit and in most cases arrange for follow-up evaluation in two months. We can arrange to have your laboratory tests collected at a Quest Diagnostics lab nearest your home or workplace. Alternatively, we can arrange a phlebotomist to come directly to your home or office. You will be invited to return to the clinic every three months or alternatively we can arrange for a conference call.

Follow-up consultations? Depending upon your initial laboratory results and treatment recommendations you will be re-evaluated in two or three months to check on your progress. We will review your diet and fitness schedule and ensure that your hormone levels are on track to being optimized. At this time you will also be introduced to our chef and food consultant, Malissa Toth, who will work with you to develop meal plans, shopping lists and recipes that take into consideration your personal and cultural food preferences. In addition, Malissa will introduce you to many other low glycemic high protein food choices that you may not be familiar with how to prepare. She will help you create delicious recipes that hopefully you can adopt for the rest of your life.

How much does the program cost? The cost of the initial comprehensive Executive Health & Nutrition Evaluation and follow-up written report is $600. Your initial and all follow-up laboratory testing will be billed directly to you at our discounted cash price. Unfortunately, most medical insurers to not currently reimburse you fully for full comprehensive hormone testing. However, iIf you have Motion Picture insurance we will process your lab charges through your health insurance plan. If you elect to continue with the Stay Fit Forever program your initial consultation fee will be credited toward your annual program fee of $1300. The balance of your program fee will be billed in two payments during your next two follow-up evaluations. Your supplements and bio identical hormones are not included in the price of the program and you will be billed directly by MedQuest compounding pharmacy. I have personally inspected the lab and I have reviewed all quality control procedures with their senior pharmacists. In addition, I have been able to successfully negotiate competitively priced pharmaceutical grade nutraceutical supplements and bio identical hormones that are mailed directly to your home or office. Although the laboratory testing may seem expensive, it is absolutely integral to your treatment program in order to ensure optimization of your hormone levels, nutrition and inflammatory bio markers and lipid profile.

Why can’t I bill my insurance? First of all, most medical insurance plans simply do not recognize the importance of aggressive preventive medicine services and they will not reimburse physicians for these consultations or for the cost of comprehensive laboratory testing. Secondly, contracted insurance plans and Medicare do not allow physicians to treat patients as a primary care provider and then also offer additional cash based services. Dr. Toth is not a primary care provider but specializes in Age Management Medicine and episodic urgent care. He does not hold himself out as a primary care provider and in fact you are encouraged to maintain your relationship with your primary care physician. Dr. Toth will help facilitate the sharing of any laboratory results or medical records that you may wish to share with your regular doctor.

How do I get started? Start by taking the ADAM Survey on the top of the home page of this web site to assess whether you may be experiencing symptoms of low hormone levels. For additional information contact me at Jason.Toth@StayFitForever.com to arrange for a personal interview. In most cases, we can arrange for an appointment within four weeks. I look forward to hearing from you and getting you on the Stay Fit Forever program.


Start today, and take control of the rest of your life.

Jason Toth MD, MS