I am a 60 year old male patient of Dr. Jason Toth and his Stay Fit Forever program. I have always been in general good health, physically active and look young for my age. I work nights in a high-stress profession with many variables that are outside my ability to control. Several years ago I started to notice a general decrease in my energy, libido, and motivation as well as an accumulation of stubborn fat collecting around my waist. I started looking more closely at my health markers such as sugar and cholesterol levels, made significant changes to my diet and started a program of cardio/resistance exercise. I lost a few pounds, brought my LDL down a bit, but my energy and drive were still lagging. Additionally, I noticed I could not develop lean muscle mass as when I was younger. One day I was speaking with a work associate and friend who recommended that I check my hormone levels. He related that his hormone levels were very low and that he had been supplementing with testosterone for some time and obtained remarkable results. He referred me to Dr. Toth. After little to show following six months of diet and exercise, I decided to try it, but with hesitation. I am happy to say that following six months of testosterone replacement therapy and a low glycemic diet, my overall health and well-being has greatly improved. All my friends comment on how much healthier I look. I was just informed by Dr. Toth that I have reached 13% body fat and all my health markers are optimal. This is definitely a program worth considering if you care about your future health and well-being as you age.

DM, 60 year old male fire captain 06/27/2013

Dr. Toth,

I have been in the Stay Fit Forever program for about 18 months, during which time I have lost the better part of 30 pounds, and am now able to see fitness goals in terms of “when” and not “if.” My situation was more complicated than just the inevitable slowing down that accompanies aging. Despite having a health-conscious diet and regular exercise regimen, I still battled metabolic syndrome, whose symptoms – which include high blood pressure, elevated blood sugar, high cholesterol and abdominal fat – were things I associated with an unhealthy lifestyle. Dr. Toth tweaked my diet and created a customized plan that addressed my particular situation and I have been very pleased with the results.

A.D., 53 Year Old Assistant Dean 02/13/2013

Dr. Toth,

I Just wanted to reach out quickly. I am on my way to Thailand to meet my girlfriend’s family. The low glycemic diet has been great until Christmas week when I fell completely off the wagon and had a few drinks and I have eaten too much junk. However I’ve still been able to keep off at least 7 lbs. Overall I have cut way back on drinking both alcohol and caffeine and I feel great after being on the Stay Fit Forever program for just over one month. Although I’ve only been to the gym a few times I’ve made sure to get in plenty of walking/jogging and my mid-section already shows small signs of change.

If I was to say I’ve never felt this great you wouldn’t believe me but it’s the truth. I’ve never felt like I have so much control over my life and have had no problems keeping up with my girlfriend of 25. My energy levels are beyond her and all of our friends but more importantly my libido has improved dramatically. As you know I used to have terrible insomnia and generally was only able to sleep a few quality hours each night. Since starting testosterone my sleep has improved 100 times. I can sleep and wake up in the morning and I feel great. I love it. In addition, I have discontinued my meds for ADD and I feel calm and focused. My confidence has increased not only within me but with my relationship, my ability to manage my employees more effectively and I now have a strong desire to be willing to be me again.

Dr. Toth, although the holidays have slowed me down a bit I have to say thank you. The small yet big signs have changed me beyond a simple diet – it’s an absolute life changer for me – mentally, physically and emotionally.

E.C. 38 year old Entertainment Industry Advertising & Broadcasting owner. 01/05/2013

“Dr Toth,

I cannot thank you enough for making me right again. As you know I first visited you in early October of 2012. I had low energy, I wasn’t motivated and my sexual drive was almost nonexistent. On top of all this I was struggling with my type 1 diabetes.

It is hard to believe how after only three months I feel closer to 32 than 52! I have burned 17% of my body fat. My leg squats have almost doubled, my bench press has gone way up, women actually do double takes when I’m at the gym. Heck even my long term sugar level has gone down 2 full points! And as for my sex drive, let’s just say my wife smiles all the time now. Dr. Toth it has been a very long time since I have felt this good! But you want to know what the best thing is? I’m finally able to play basketball with my son! This was truly unexpected gift!

Thank you Dr. for giving me my old’ self-back, or shall I say my “new and improved self” back.

All the Best!”

T.M., 48 year old Television Sports Producer 01/04/2013

I first learned about Cenegenics and age management medicine probably about six years ago.  I spent an extensive amount of time researching this company and even spent an hour or two talking to Cenegenics physicians.  I was sold till I found out about the price tag.   I could not afford over $1,300 a month.

So I was so excited when Dr. Toth became certified in age management medicine with the Cenegenics Medical Institute.  We had an initial brief consultation and I had about 50 different lab values and biomarkers assessed.  I was encouraged to read the Dr. Jeff Life book (The Life Plan). Ten days later I met with Dr. Toth for my comprehensive executive health evaluation to review the lab results and my personal risk factors.  He started me on DHEA, Vitamin D and Testosterone.   In addition, I became motivated to getting a new gym membership and trying to eat better following the meal plans in the book.

Well, I have been taking the vitamins and bio identical hormones for ten weeks and have really hit the gym hard doing both heavy cardio- spinning and resistance training 4 times a week.  I’m not doing as well on my diet.

I now feel 5 – 10 years younger, I have a slimmer waist, friends have noticed a difference in my activity and enthusiasm levels.   I feel more engaged and motivated at work.  I am so happy I did this I know you will be too.  None of us is getting younger, we all work in a stressful environment on your feet a lot.  Imagine how much easier it would be if you felt ten years younger!

If you have any questions please email or call me. I am so enthused and would be glad to talk to you.

Four Months Later

I bought a pair of 30 X 30 jeans yesterday and put them on today. Four months ago I was having to suck in my stomach to get my 34 X 30 pants on! I have not worn 30 X 30 since my 20’s or early 30’s.

Yahoo! Thanks again Dr. Toth!



Hi Jason—I just picked up your message (I was on my elliptical when you called).  I’m doing well—I’m on the elliptical 6-7 times per week, bought a Multisport 3200 8-station fitness weight station and have been resistance training at least 3 times per week.  I’m prioritizing my schedule so I can accomplish this.

In addition to the 20 lbs. of fat and four inches on my waist line that I lost after the first nine weeks, I’ve lost another 7 pounds and another inch around the waist.  Centripetal fat is still an issue but is slowly decreasing.  My energy level is back up to where I was around 15 years ago.  I worked 10 hours in the emergency department yesterday, had a Med Exec meeting for 3 hours and still used the elliptical.  I’m still taking the medications as prescribed, have stopped my Diovan and statin medications and I’m now only taking herbals for blood pressure.



I came to Dr. Toth to get healthy before it was too late.  I was an avid runner many years and pounds ago, but lost the desire to exercise.  After going through the evaluation process and following the program, I have a great deal more energy and am getting back into regular exercise.  As soon as I lose a little more weight I hope to be able to start running on a regular basis. Dr. Toth and his team have been very involved, supportive and concerned with my progress.  I recommend this program to anyone who is serious about taking their life and health back!

ES, 58 year old CHIEF OF POLICE.


Based on my background as a physician, I was initially skeptical about bio-identical hormone replacement and age management medicine.   During my executive health consultation, Dr. Toth provided me with the medical research and reasoning for bio-identical hormone replacement.  I also felt reassured by Dr. Toth’s passion and the fact that he “practices what he preaches”.  I decided to enroll in the program.  With Dr. Toth’s expertise in age management medicine I feel rejuvenated with increased physical strength and endurance as well as an increase in my vitality for life.  The Stay Fit Forever program really does work.



I take my health and fitness very seriously and believed that the results of the Stay Fit Forever Executive Health Evaluation would all fall in my favor. To my surprise, I was out of normal range for nearly a half dozen values. Dr. Toth helped me to understand how these deficiencies were responsible for some subtle ailments that I had failed to take seriously and he recommended several nutraceutical supplements and hormone optimization. My values are all normal now and I can really tell the difference. Earlier this year I underwent a lower lumbar vertebrae fusion. The recovery from this type of surgery can normally be rocky with a lot of pain. I feel that the Vitamin D, nutraceutical and hormone support may have helped my rapid recovery and allowed me to remain active and fully functioning at my business. Thanks to the insight Dr. Toth provided, my occasional light headedness and insomnia are a thing of the past. And my current energy and stamina remind me of when I was twenty-something. It has been a pleasant surprise to go from feeling pretty good about my health to now feeling great.”