Welcome To Stay Fit Forever

Aging is inevitable but looking old and feeling old is optional. Stay Fit Forever Age Management Medicine is your gateway to next-generation medical science. Age Management Medicine is grounded in well-established therapeutic protocols and solid science. It’s not part of the ‘anti-aging’ movement, nor does it claim to increase longevity or affect aging at the cellular level.

The Stay Fit Forever program consists of four vital and integrated building blocks: low glycemic nutrition, daily exercise, nutraceutical supplementation and bio identical hormone optimization.

Optimizing all of our deficient hormones – thyroid, testosterone, DHEA and growth hormone – to levels we had in our youth is beneficial to both our health and quality of life.

Some common problems associated with hormone deficiency are:

  • reduced libido and sexual function
  • increased body fat and decreased muscle mass
  • fatigue and lethargy
  • depression, anxiety and irritability
  • loss of drive, creativity and self confidence
  • unhealthy pre-metabolic lipid profile
  • loss of memory and sharp cognitive function

Bio identical hormone optimization combined with a sound nutrition and exercise program can alleviate many of the above symptoms.